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Journal Article 
Synthesis and Application of a New Fluorous-Tagged Ammonia Equivalent 
Nielsen, SD; Smith, G; Begtrup, M; Kristensen, JL 
In Press 
Chemistry: A European Journal
ISSN: 0947-6539
EISSN: 1521-3765 
A novel fluorous-tagged ammonia equivalent has been developed. It is based on a nitrogen-oxygen bond, which can be cleaved in a traceless manner by a molybdenum complex or samarium diiodide. The application in the synthesis of ureas, amides, sulfonamides, and carbamates is described. The scope of the fluorous N--O linker is exemplified by the synthesis of itopride, a drug used for the treatment of functional dyspepsia. Itopride was synthesized with the aid of fluorous purification methods and the product was isolated in good overall yield, with high purity.