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Journal Article 
Simultaneous use of urea and potassium nitrate for Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis cultivation 
Vieira, DC; Matsudo, MC; Sato, S; Converti, A; de Carvalho, JC 
In Press 
Biotechnology Journal
ISSN: 1860-6768
EISSN: 1860-7314 
Urea has been considered as a promising alternative nitrogen source for the cultivation of Arthrospira platensis if it is possible to avoid ammonia toxicity; however, this procedure can lead to periods of nitrogen shortage. This study shows that the addition of potassium nitrate, which acts as a nitrogen reservoir, to cultivations carried out with urea in a fed-batch process can increase the maximum cell concentration (X(m) ) and also cell productivity (P(X) ). Using response surface methodology, the model indicates that the estimated optimum X(m) can be achieved with 17.3 mM potassium nitrate and 8.9 mM urea. Under this condition an X(m) of 6077 ± 199 mg/L and a P(X) of 341.5 ± 19.1 mg L(-1) day(-1) were obtained.