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Journal Article 
Porous Pt-Ni-P Composite Nanotube Arrays: Highly Electroactive and Durable Catalysts for Methanol Electrooxidation 
Ding, LX; Wang, AL; Li, GR; Liu, ZQ; Zhao, WX; Su, CY; Tong, YX 
In Press 
Journal of the American Chemical Society
ISSN: 0002-7863
EISSN: 1520-5126 
Porous Pt-Ni-P composite nanotube arrays (NTAs) on a conductive substrate in good solid contact are successfully synthesized via template-assisted electrodeposition and show high electrochemical activity and long-term stability for methanol electrooxidation. Hollow nanotubular structures, porous nanostructures, and synergistic electronic effects of various elements contribute to the high electrocatalytic performance of porous Pt-Ni-P composite NTA electrocatalysts. 
• Methanol (Non-Cancer)
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