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Journal Article 
The effect of calcium gluconate with natural extracts on skin toxicity of hydrofluoric acid 
Shin, JJin; Lee, H; Jeong, SH; Kim, JiH; Lee, M; Son, SW 
Molecular and Cellular Toxicology
ISSN: 1738-642X
EISSN: 2092-8467 
BackgroundsHydrofluoric acid (HF) is a highly corrosive acid. The conventional treatment for HF burn is topical application of calcium gluconate (CG). Our study aimed to assess the synergistic effects of natural extracts (Centella asiatica, Portulaca oleracea, and blueberry extracts) in combination with CG in healing HF induced burn wound.MethodsWe investigated the effects of different topical CG formulations with natural extracts using cell proliferation assay, western blot, reverse transcription- polymerase chain reaction, human skin equivalent model (HSEM), and mouse model.ResultsTopical CG formulations with natural extracts showed better recovery from HF burns shown by greater collagen expression in the dermal fibroblast model, HSEM and mouse model.ConclusionOur study demonstrated that CG in combination with natural extracts show superior wound healing in treating HF burn compared to CG monotherapy. 
Calcium gluconate; Human skin equivalent; Hydrofluoric acid; Natural extracts; Wound healing 
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