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Technical Report 
First studies on lead, cadmium and arsenic contents of feed, cattle and food of animal origin coming from different farms in Saxonia 
Schwarz, T; Busch, A; Lenk, R 
BIOSIS COPYRIGHT: BIOL ABS. The modern industrial and agricultural production provides many contactpoints for the food animals with several toxic substances. After their ingestion by the way of feed or water they may endanger the human health as residues or environmental contaminants in food of animal origin. Currently meat, milk and eggs produced on farms in the new federal states of Germany are considered to be dangerous with respect to their xenobiotic barden by numerous consumers. The own trials have been made to give first information about lead, cadium and arsenic concentrations in feedstuffs, meat and milk from different dairy farms in Saxonia. No serious problems could be detected referring to the metal contents in roughage, grain and crops. Only a few feed samples reached eg. exceeded the permissible upper limits for arsenic and cadmium. But none of the examined feedstuffs contained inadmissible lead concentration. Milk and muscle produced in a metal polluted and not polluted areas were ve 
Ecology; Biochemical Studies-Minerals; Nutrition-Minerals; Food Technology-Meats and Meat By-Products; Food Technology-Dairy Products; Food Technology-Poultry and Eggs; Toxicology-Veterinary Toxicology; Animal Production-Feeds and Feeding; Animalia-Unspecified; Bovidae; Hominidae 
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