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Journal Article 
Effects of As levels on radial oxygen loss and As speciation in rice 
Wu, C; Li, H; Ye, Z; Wu, F; Wong, MH 
In Press 
Environmental Science and Pollution Research
ISSN: 0944-1344
EISSN: 1614-7499 
Greenhouse experiment was conducted to examine effects of arsenic (As) on iron plaque formation, radial oxygen loss, As accumulation, and speciation in rice. Three genotypes were grown in soil with three different concentrations of As. The stress of As caused a slight increase of iron plaque formation (P > 0.05) and a decrease in the rates of radial oxygen loss (ROL; P < 0.01). The results of As speciation showed that the percentages of DMA increased from 19-28 % to 53-58 %, while the percentages of inorganic As decreased from 53-58 % to 36-42 % with the increasing soil As concentrations, indicating a strong environmental influence on As species in rice grain. The present study showed that elevated soil As may induce As toxicity towards rice plants, leading to the decrease of ROL; environmental factors could influence As methylation or As species transportation. Our study provided useful information on As tolerance and accumulation in rice which may contribute to reducing the health risk posed by As contamination in rice. 
Arsenic; Radial oxygen loss; Rice; Speciation 
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