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Journal Article 
The effects of alcohols in vitro on the nervous cell membrane measured by changes in the (Ca2+ / Mg2+) ATPase activity and fluidity of the synaptosomal membrane 
Edelfors, S; Ravn-Jonsen, A 
Pharmacology & Toxicology
ISSN: 0901-9928
EISSN: 1600-0773 
The effect of various alkanols on the central nervous system was studied by using rat brain synaptosomal membranes as an in vitro model. The activity of (Ca2+/Mg2+)ATPase and the membrane fluidity were determined. The n-alkanols exhibited an increased molar inhibition of the ATPase activity with an increase in the carbon chain length up to 1-octanol. 1-octanol and 1-decanol caused a biphasic effect on the ATPase activity depending on the alkanol concentration, whereas 1-dodecanol caused a stimulation of the ATPase activity. All alkanols studied caused an increased fluidity of the membrane. Our results indicate that the effect of alkanols on the ATPase activity depends on changes in the border layer between the membrane and the surrounding medium and on a binding of the alkanols to the enzyme molecule. Furthermore, the two-way effect of 1-octanol and 1-decanol and the stimulatory effect of 1-dodecanol indicate that more mechanisms are involved. In addition, the results indicate that changes in the membrane fluidity do not seem to be a prerequisite of the ATPase inhibition. 
DCN-236996; In vitro studies; Central nervous system; Alcohols; Toxic effects; Neurotoxic effects; Cell biology; Bioassays; Laboratory animals; Chemical properties