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Journal Article 
Cultivar-specific kinetics of chitinase induction in soybean roots during exposure to arsenic 
Mészáros, P; Rybanský, Ľ; Hauptvogel, P; Kuna, R; Libantová, J; Moravčíková, J; Piršelová, B; Tirpáková, A; Matušíková, I 
In Press 
Molecular Biology Reports
ISSN: 0301-4851
EISSN: 1573-4978 
The kinetics of defense responses was studied in soybean exposed to ecologically relevant concentrations of arsenic for 96 h. In the roots of two soybean cultivars with contrasting tolerance to this metalloid there were observed differences in basal levels of membrane lipid peroxidation as well as a significantly different course of peroxidation upon exposure to As. The different course of stress was reflected in the accumulation of defense components. The responses of individual chitinase isoforms were studied since these enzymes had previously been shown to be stable components of defense against metals. The kinetics and magnitude of accumulation of the three isoforms during exposure to As significantly differed within as well as between the studied cultivars. Furthermore, accumulation of these isoforms appeared to be related to oxidative status in the root tissue. The timing of induced responses is likely to be important for efficient defense against metal(oid) pollution in environment. 
Defense dynamics; Glycine max; Heavy metal toxicity; Specific expression 
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