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Technical Report 
EPA Report 
Integrated science assessment for oxides of nitrogen-health criteria (final report) 
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency :: U.S. EPA 
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, National Center for Environmental Assessment 
Research Triangle Park, NC 
The Integrated Science Assessment (ISA) for Oxides of Nitrogen – Health Criteria document represents a concise synthesis and evaluation of the most policy-relevant science and will ultimately provide the scientific basis for EPA’s decision regarding whether the current standard for NO2 sufficiently protects public health. 
• ISA NOxSOxPM Ecology (2018)
     Cited in First Draft
          Chapter 1
          Chapter 2
          Chapter 3
     Cited in the Second Draft
          Chapter 1
          Appendix 2
          Appendix 3
• ISA Ozone 2019
     Full-Text Screening Included
          References from Other Sources
     Included in ISA First Draft
          Integrated Synthesis
          Appendix 1
          Appendix 3
          Appendix 10
• ISA-PM (current)
     Peer Input Draft
          Chapter 3
          Chapter 6
     1st Draft
          Chapter 3
          Chapter 11
     Final ISA
          Chapter 3
          Chapter 11
     Cited Second ERD Dec2016
     Cited in Final ISA Dec2017